"The International Auto/Biography Association (IABA) is an interdisciplinary international group founded in 1999 to create a way for researchers and cultural producers in the field of biography, autobiography and life writing to share their work. Since 2000, members of IABA have held an international conference every two years in locations that have included China, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. IABA does not have a formal membership process. It has a free listserv, which informs its members about upcoming conferences, publications and other events connected to the study of autobiography, life writing and biography. IABA is maintained by an informal executive group of senior scholars, most of whom have organized and overseen a IABA conference or event.IABA also has a close relationship with important academic journals. IABA has several chapters that work in concert with the biannual IABA World conference and hold their own events: IABA Europe, IABA Americas, and IABA Asia-Pacific. There is also the SNS Network for graduate students and new scholars who want to discuss issues connected to the study of life writing. This conference held at the São João del-rei, Brasil is the eleventh biennial."

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Language of presentation of papers

We agree that people can present the paper in another language than English
but there are some conditions:

  1. the presenter must bring paper copies in English to distribute and also a file
    of the text in English to project;
  2. we will group these presenters in sessions according preferably to their
    languages than to the theme of their papers;
  3. presenters must be aware that the organizers will not provide a person to
    translate questions from the audience nor the presenter's answers.

Registration fees


ATTENTION: The deadline for registration is February 28, 2018.

Registration fees include lunch all four days and are as follows:

  • Standard fee;
  • Student fee;
  • Tour - Inhotim:
    • includes:
      • Admission fee;
      • Guide;
      • Tram;
      • Minivan with a/c, tv, dvd, audio and water
      • Travel insurance
      • About Inhotim: http://www.inhotim.org.br/
  • Closing dinner;
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Check out the keynote speakers have already agreed to attend.

Jovita Maria Gerheim Noronha


Graduated in Literature (Portuguese-French) by the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Master in Francophone Literatures by Fluminense Federal University (1999), PhD in Comparative Literature by Fluminense Federal University (2003). Postdoctoral degree (Senior Internship) at the University of Rouen - France (September 2013 to August 2014) with CAPES scholarship. Retired as an associate professor at the Faculty of Arts of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, she works at PPG Letras - Estudos Literários - UFJF. She was vice-coordinator of the Post-Graduate Program in Literature - UFJF and coordinator of the UFJF Foreign Language Offering Universalization Project. He has experience teaching, research and guidance in the area of ​​Literature, with emphasis on literature studies, working mainly on the following topics: self-writing, identity constructions, French-language literature. In addition to articles and book chapters on these themes, she translated (with Maria Inês Guedes) and organized Rousseau's autobiographical pact to the Internet (UFMG, 2008/2014), which brings together texts by the theorist Philippe Lejeune, and Essays on autofiction (UFMG , 2014), which brings together the fundamental texts on the concept. She also organized, with Silvina Liliana Carizzo, Interamerican Literary Relations: Territory and Culture (UFJF, 2010), which brings together texts by researchers from the WG of ANPOLL Interamerican Literary Relations of which she was coordinator and vice-coordinator.

Arturo Arias


Arturo Arias (Guatemala City, 1950) is a Guatemalan novelist and scholar, who is John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Professor in the Humanities at the University of California, Merced. He has taught courses specializing in Central American literature; Indigenous literatures; social and critical theory; race, gender and sexuality in post-colonial societies; cultural studies, and ethnographic approaches. Arias was previously Tomas Rivera Regents Professor in Spanish Language and Literature  at the University of Texas at Austin, Hood Professor at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Savage Distinguished Visiting Professor of Latin American Studies at the University of Oregon, and Greenleaf Chair Visiting Professor of Latin American Studies at Tulane University. He also taught at San Francisco State University and the University of Redlands in Southern California. He is a past president of the Latin American Studies Association. Arias holds a PhD in Sociology of Literature, from L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes Paris, France. (1978) He has published eight novels and seven academic books, with two more forthcoming: volumes two and three of Recovering Lost Footprints: Contemporary Indigenous Narratives. He received the Casa de las Américas prize for his novel Itzam Na (1981), the Anna Seghers award for his novel Jaguar en llamas 1990), and the Casa de las Américas prize in essay for his book Ideología, Literatura y Sociedad durante the Revolución Guatemalteca, 1944-1954 (1979). His most recent novel is El precio del consuelo (FyG Editores, 2017).


Organizing Committee

  • Alberto Ferreira da Rocha Júnior- Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei (president)
  • Elizeu Clementino- Universidade do Estado da Bahia
  • Eva Karpinski – York University
  • Jennifer Sarah Cooper – UFRN
  • Joycelyn K. Moody - University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Julie Rak -- University of Alberta
  • Laura Beard – University of Alberta
  • Leonor Arfuch – Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Maria da Conceição Passeggi – Centro de Educação da Universidade Federal do rio Grande do Norte
  • Orly Lael Netzer – University of Alberta
  • Ricia a. Chansky – University of Puerto Rico
  • Sarah Brophy – McMaster University
  • Sérgio Barcelos – Free Researcher
  • Sidonie Smith – University of Michigan
  • Suely da Fonseca Quintana – Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei

Scientific Committee

  • Alberto Ferreira da Rocha Júnior (president)
  • Rica A. Chansky
  • Sérgio Barcellos
  • Suely da Fonseca Quintana

Hotel suggestions

Name Phone Address Email Web site
Pousada Estação do Trem (32) 3372-1985 Rua Maria Tereza, 45 - Centro pousadaestacaodotrem@yahoo.com.br www.pousadaestacaodotrem.com.br
Pousada Paço do Lavradio (32) 3372-8393 Rua Treze, 20 - Colônia contato@pasodolavradio.com.br www.pacodolavradio.com.br
Chafariz Palace Hotel (32) 3371-4295 Av. Trinta e um de março, 553 – Colônia chafariz@mgconecta.com.br www.chafarizpalacehotel.amawebs.com
Vereda Park Hotel (32) 3371-4420 Rua Pe. Machado, 313 – Bela Vista contato@veredapark.com.br www.veredapark.com.br
Hotel Trilho de Minas (32) 3372-7969 Av. Trinta e um de Março, 1148, Colônia hoteltrilhosdeminas@gmail.com www.hoteltrilhosdeminas.com.br
Hotel Ponte Real (32) 3371-7000 Rua Eduardo Magalhães, 254 – centro hotelpontereal@mgconecta.com.br www.hotelpontereal.com.br
Pousada Rotunda (32) 3372-2699 (32) 3372-2698 R.Conselheiro Belizário leite Neto,100 - Centro atendimento@pousadarotunda.com.br www.pousadarotunda.com.br
Vicenza Apart Hotel (32) 3379-1150 Rua Padre Sacramento, 400 – Villa Marchetti vicenza@vicenza.aparthotel.com.br www.vicenzaaparthotel.com.br
Solara Hotel (32) 3371-8880 Av.Oito de Dezembro,161 – Centro hotel@solarahotel.com.br www.solarahotel.com.br
Pousada Beco do Bispo (32) 3371-8844 Beco do Bispo, 93 - Centro contato@becodobispo.com.br www.becodobispo.com.br
Pousada Vila Buonabitacolo (32) 3371-1014 Rua Santo Antônio, 400 – Colônia buonabitacolo@mgconecta.com.br www.buona.com.br
Lenheiros Palace Hotel (32) 3371-8155 Av. Presidente Tancredo Neves, 257 – Centro contato@hotellenheiros.com.br www.hotellenheiros.com.br
Garden Hill Small Resort (32) 3373-2209 (32) 3371-2551 BR 383, Km 96 RD César de Pina - Colônia reservas@gardenhillgolf.com.br http://www.gardenhillgolf.com.br/
Pousada Sinhá Moça (32) 3371-2425 R.Dr. Da Cunha, 103 – Fábricas pousadasinhamoca@hotmail.com www.pousadasinhamoca.com.br
Pousada Casarão (32) 3371-7447 Rua Ribeiro Bastos, 94 - Centro contato@pousadacasarao.com www.pousadacasarao.com
Pousada dos Sinos (32) 3371-7789 /1314 (Nice) Rua Eduardo Magalhães, 106 - Centro psinos@ig.com.br http://www.pousadadossinos.com.br/
Hotel Colonial (32)3371-7566 Rua Marechal Deodoro, 209 – Centro colonial@mgconecta.com.br _
Pousada Villa Magnólia (32) 3373-5065 Rua Ribeiro Bastos, 02 – Centro villamagnoliapousada@mgconecta.com.br www.pousadavillamagnolia.com.br

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Travel Information

How to get to São João Del Rei

From Belo Horizonte (MG), Confins Airport
- The conference organizers recommend a private transportation service from Confins Airport to São João Del Rei, which must be booked by the participant. Please find the link on the conference website.
- There are regular buses from Belo Horizonte to São João Del Rei at Belo Horizonte Bus Station, Rodoviária, operated by Viação Sandra. The bus timetable will be posted here.
* The best way to get from the airport to the bus station is by taxi or Uber. 
From Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Tom Jobim/Galeão International Airport
- The participant must take the 2145 bus on the arrivals level of Terminal 2 to Santos Dumont Airport. Get off on Rodoviária Novo-Rio, the bus station. From there, there are regular buses to São João Del Rei operated by Viação Paraibuna. The bus timetable will be posted here.
From São Paulo (SP), Guarulhos International Airport
- The participant must go to the bus station Rodoviária Tietê by taking the bus number 472 towards São Paulo. At Rodoviária Tietê there are regular buses to São João Del Rei operated by Viação Útil. The bus timetable will be posted here.
- The easiest way for foreign participants is to arrive either in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo;
- In case of connecting flights from these cities to Belo Horizonte, to proceed to São João Del Rei, we recommend using the private transportation suggested on the website;
- Buses depart more often from Belo Horizonte Rodoviária to São João Del Rei;
- The duration of the ground transportation between Rio de Janeiro and São João Del Rei is 5 hours and 30 minutes; from Belo Horizonte is 3 hours, and from São Paulo bus station is 7 hours.
De Belo Horizonte (MG), Aeroporto de Confins
- Os organizadores da conferência recomendam um serviço de transporte privado do Aeroporto Confins a São João Del Rei, que deve ser reservado pelo participante. Encontre o link no site da conferência.
- Existem ônibus regulares de Belo Horizonte para São João Del Rei, na Rodoviária de Belo Horizonte, operada pela Viação Sandra. O horário do ônibus será postado aqui. O participante deve apanhar o ônibus da Viação Unir para a rodoviária de Belo Horizonte. As passagens podem ser compradas na entrada do aeroporto de Confins. Certifique-se de pegar o ônibus com destino à Rodoviária!
Do Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim / Galeão
- O participante deve apanhar o ônibus 2145 no nível de desembarque do Terminal 2 para o Aeroporto Santos Dumont. Deve descer na Rodoviária Novo-Rio. Há ônibus regulares para São João Del Rei operados pela Viação Paraibuna. O horário do ônibus será postado aqui.
De São Paulo (SP), Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos
- O participante deve dirigir-se à Rodoviária Tietê tomando o ônibus número 472 em direção à São Paulo. Na Rodoviária Tietê existem ônibus regulares para São João Del Rei operados pela Viação Útil. O horário do ônibus será postado aqui.
- A maneira mais fácil para participantes estrangeiros é chegar no Rio de Janeiro ou São Paulo;
- Em caso de conexão de vôos dessas cidades para Belo Horizonte, para prosseguir para São João Del Rei, recomendamos usar o transporte privado sugerido no site;
- Os ônibus partem mais frequentemente da Rodoviária de Belo Horizonte para São João Del Rei;
- A duração da viagem entre Rio de Janeiro e São João Del Rei é de 5 horas e 30 minutos; de Belo Horizonte é de 3 horas, e do Terminal Tietê, em São Paulo, é de 7 horas.
- Ao chegar ao aeroporto, procure quiosques de táxis de tarifa fixa. A tarifa fixa varia de acordo com o destino. Por favor, não tome táxis regulares no exterior dos aeroportos.

Bus schedule

Bus schedule between Belo Horizonte and São João Del Rei, operated by Viação Sandra
Horários de ônibus de Belo Horizonte para São João Del Rei: Viação Sandra
Mondays through Thursdays, and Saturdays:
Segundas às quintas-feiras e aos Sábados:
6 am, 8:30 am, 11 am, 1:30 am, 3 pm, 4:45 pm,  and 7 pm
6 am, 8:30 am, 11 am, 1:30 pm, 3 pm, 4:45 pm, 5:30 pm, 7 pm, and 8 pm
6 am, 8:30 am, 1:30 pm, 4:45 pm, 7 pm, and 9 pm 
Bus schedule between São Paulo and São João Del Rei, operated by Viação Útil 
Horários de ônibus de São Paulo para São João Del Rei: Viação Útil
Sundays through Fridays:
Domingos às sextas-feiras:
11:40 am, 3:30 pm, 8 pm, 10:10 pm, and 10:50 pm
11:40 am, 8 pm, 10:10 pm
Bus schedule between Rio de Janeiro and São João Del Rei, operated by Paraibuna Transportes
Horários de ônibus do Rio de Janeiro para São João Del Rei: Paraibuna Transportes
Mondays through Thursdays:
Segundas às quintas-feiras:
7 am, 2 pm, and 9 pm
7 am, 2 pm, 8:30 pm, 11 pm
7 am, and 2 pm
2 pm, and 9 pm

Private transport


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